The easiest way to get involved is to knit an item, hat, cowl, shawl or other, that you then give away in exchange for a donation.

  1. Knit hat.

  2. Post picture on social media with hashtag #KnittersForFlint, offering for whatever you believe is a fair donation (I usually go with $15-25). Tag @knitters4flint on Twitter if you want us to retweet.

  3. Person on social media claims the hat and sends you proof of donation.

  4. You mail hat to person.

If you are not comfortable on social media, send picture and details of hat to knittersforflint@gmail.com, and we will post on social media, receive proof of donation, and let you know where to mail the hat.

If you would prefer to mail hats and other knitted items directly to Pack Your Back to be distributed to kids in Flint, please mail to:

Knitters for Flint
PO Box 70
Tecumseh, MI 49286

Knitted items must be RECEIVED by February 25, 2019.

If you have any questions about mailing items, please email knittersforflint@gmail.com.



  1. You can ALWAYS donate directly HERE. Donations go straight to Pack Your Back, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that works collecting funds and school supplies to donate to the children of Flint and beyond.

  2. You can—and should—also check out the hats and other knitted items being offered by knitters in exchange for your donation.
    Search #KnittersForFlint on Twitter or on Instagram for available items.

  3. We will need behind-the-scenes coordination and social media help. Email knittersforflint@gmail.com for more information.