Can I request a custom hat?

Time and knitting ability permitting, I am happy to take custom requests. The amount I will ask you to donate for a custom request will vary on materials and techniques needed but will start at $20. Email to make the request. If I do not have the time or ability, I’ll be happy to ask the many, many knitters I know if anyone can take on the project!

Is there a podcast episode where I can hear more?

There is!

Check it out at or look for Two Broads Talking Politics, Episode 172, anywhere you listen to podcasts (available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, TuneIn, and many other places).

Can I make scarves instead of hats?

Yes! Please do. I love making hats. To me, there is no better project than the simple hat. But if you adore scarves or cowls or mittens or shawls or knitted animals, go for it! Anything you think people might want is a great thing to create!