Hi, I’m Kelly.

I’m the kind of person who knits everywhere. On buses and trains, at my desk during my lunch hour, at museums and concerts, while reading bedtime stories to my kids at night. If I could figure out how to knit and podcast at the same time, life would be perfect.

I really really like knitting hats. I only have one head. So I knit hats for other people. In 2017 knit a lot of pussyhats—over 100 of them. Then I started knitting hats to raise money for political candidates and nonprofits. I raised several hundred dollars for Sarah’s Circle via knitting items for people in exchange for donations.

When Trump shut down the government over wall funding, a lot of people rightly pointed out that Flint still didn’t have clean water.

A lightbulb went on over my head, and I thought: THIS is what I want to knit for next. It turns out that idea resonated, and Knitters for Flint was born.

Pack Your Back is already doing terrific work in Flint, so we have partnered with them instead of re-inventing the wheel.